Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

My awesome little sis Tina took these family pictures of us :)...
She also hacked into my blog and uploaded them for me (in October of 2016),  and then made me a blog book from the years I used to blog!
Thanks Tina!!!
I love you! :) :) :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Halloween 2012

Cody wanted to dress up like a "woman", he got dressed and went around and rang the doorbell; Thayne and Kaycee answered the door.  Cody started singing "Here's my number so call me maybe"!  Kaycee keep looking at him like "I know you, but I don't"! It was funny!  Love how Kaycee has here "paws" up being a puppy!

Cody decided we needed to go on a trip.  Cody's sister Brandi gave us an early Christmas gift.  She got us a room at the Marriott!  It had a swimming pool and was really close to everything!  Cody and I went to a session at the Salt Lake temple, while Brandi entertained the kids around City Creek.  Thanks Brandi!

Love how Thayne has Kaycee's chin in his hand!

Christmas 2012

Thayne had a little Christmas concert for his pre-school class.  It was cute and Thayne sang really loud!

The house Thayne and I decorated......OK so I decorated while Thayne ate all the candy:)

We had a little family party at our house with my side of the family.  Santa came!!!  We also did the nativity, Tina has the pictures !

This is the tree the kids and Cody picked out this year!  It was huge!  I loved it, but it was the home to a bunch of little spiders!

Thayne turns 5!  He wanted to invite a friend and go to the Jump Zone and out to eat at A&W's!  He had fun.  Cody and Thayne spent the whole day making two pinatas!

Thayne and Rad.

Tina took some cute pictures of the Thayne and Kaycee!   We pulled off to the side of the road  let the kids out and took some pictures!  She does such a good job......even with alot of distractions!